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Did you ever want to create your favorite cocktail drink but drop the idea just because you don’t have the resources? Or you don’t order from the nearest shop because you don’t get the drink that you want? Numero IX has got your back in such cases. We are the cocktail shop that offers you to create custom drinks or select from the premium range available. Whether you want to create a custom drink or want to design a last-minute gift cocktail hamper, Numero IX is the cocktail shop that helps you in time of need. We get your order delivered in the least time possible without compromising on the quality of drinks.
Our expert bartenders carefully craft the drink, with a perfect balance of tequila, spirit, liquor, or any other flavor asked by the customer. Numero IX is the best cocktail shop that cares for you and your health. We only select the best and organic ingredients for your cocktail drinks. Our alchemists approve the products before they are used. You can rely on us for providing you with the finest quality premixed cocktail drinks.

The cocktail shop- Your stop for curated barware

Drink at our bar or order your favorite cocktail drink from the top cocktail spot. With curated barware from the best cocktail shop, you can make bar-like premixed cocktail drinks at your home. Whether you want to relax after a hectic day or want to spend an enjoyable weekend with your friends, get every type of drink you want from Numero IX. If you want to gift someone the finest quality cocktails on a special occasion, Numero IX is the cocktail shop you should choose. Our gift hampers consist of glass bottled cocktails of your choice, perfectly packed in a handy bag. You can also create a custom sleeve for a set of 20 cocktails, at an affordable price. With our supreme quality drinks, you can make an everlasting impression on your loved ones. We prioritize the needs of our customers and always strive to provide them with the best of our products. This is what makes us the best cocktail shop in Australia.
Our hand-curated recipes give you a consistent rich flavor from the start of your drink to the end. Numero IX has gathered the finest recipes from folks from all over the world. Every drink we create has an extract of the Australian spirit. We have a wide range of labels available, you can always create a new drink by mixing the flavors you love the most.

The cocktail shop- We craft the world’s best cocktails

What makes a perfect cocktail drink? To create a perfect cocktail drink, the expert must know the art of mixology. At our cocktail shop, we have the finest bartenders who can create a drink the way you would love. We just follow the simple steps of barware mix, shake, and stir. It is the recipe we use and the well-balanced mixing formula that makes our cocktail drinks better than other places. At Numero IX, you can get rich-flavored premixed cocktails at an affordable price. Our cocktail shop offers delivery service in more than 99 suburbs of Melbourne.
Want to see how we prepare our drinks? Well, we can also demonstrate and you can have fun knowing our work process. The experts at Numero IX can also suggest tempting cocktails that you should try with the standout presentation of garnishes.

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